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Studio Half Eye Giga Drill Set for Gurren Lagann

For those out there who are really into both Gurren Lagann and the works of Studio Half Eye comes the Giga Drill accessory set for their intricately engineered figure of the titular robot. This set of multiple drill parts not only allows you to cover the body of Gurren Lagann in spikey bits, but can also transform and combine into the gigantic Giga Drill! All of the the small drill bits can even be placed inside the large drill to create some kind of drill explosion. The Giga Drill itself even breaks down into four medium sized drills. You even get an articulated display stand to help Gurren Lagann heft this massive weapon. Like all Studio Half Eye products, this set is made from resin and will be made available in both unassembled kit form and as a completed product. The kit will cost 19,000 yen and the complete version will cost 25,000 yen. Both are due in November 2013. 




















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Posted 13 May, 2013 - 09:28 by VF5SS