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Episode 100 - Prince, stripclubs & the Illuminati


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Another great show.

Another great show. Congratulations on reaching 100. Been watching since beta,keep up the good work!

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Posted by matthew-76 on 19 January, 2014 - 09:41
Congrats guys! I watched live

Congrats guys!
I watched live but had to bail for a while when the caller was asking about your dream pet projects.

I just now watched the polished show, and I was thrilled to hear Josh bring up Xenon. (Which I always pronounced Z-non.)
I loved that book. (...along with Mai, The Psychic Girl. I think I was in-love with Mai back then.)

I've never understood why there was no merchandise, or more love for Xenon. I wonder if it was not that popular in Japan.

Along those lines, I'd love some Blade of the Immortal toys.

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Posted by Hellbot on 29 January, 2014 - 13:00