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The Crow


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That's no candelabra

The accessory is the weathervane that Eric fights the crime boss with at the end of the film because (as I'm sure you know, but I want to bitch) they couldn't leave the fantastic story of unrelenting vengeance alone when the comic was adapted, and instead introduced a typical movie bad guy with the ability to make the hero vulnerable for a yawnworthy final battle.

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Posted by Corduroy Bear on 21 October, 2014 - 23:00
The Crow means a lot to me,

The Crow means a lot to me, too, so I want this one (as well as most of the others in the line, for that matter). WARNING: Boring personal stuff ahead! LOL Anyway, I'm the youngest of 3 brothers so when I was growing up, most of the stuff that I was introduced to, I found out from my older brothers. They had the most influence on me. But when I was about 12ish, a friend of one of my brothers started to introduce me to all sorts of stuff I had never heard of before, particularly in the areas of music , books, and comics. The dude became sort of a mentor for me and we really hit it off (years later, my brother would confess to me that he was actually jealous of this). Anyway, among the things he told me about was indie comics and I remember actually being with him in the comic shop the day I first bought Calibur Comics #1 (the Crow's first appearance) and iirc, Crow #1 at the same time. We both became big fans and I used to annoy the hell out of the poor guy who worked at the New England Comics in Quincy, asking him every Friday if the new Crow was out. Issue 4 in particular took forever to be released and when it was, he was like "Here's your damn Crow!". LOL. Eventually he was forced to move away but we kept in contact via writing words on pieces of paper and sending them to each other in the mail. (These were called "letters" for you younger folks. LOL) The very last letter I got from him (and still have) actually mentions how he lost his Crow comics but heard about how issue 5 was finally coming out in a different format from a different company. I don't know if he ever got to read it though because the next time I saw him, it was on the news after he committed suicide in a prison cell after being arrested for the murder of his girlfriend. I have no idea what lead to that but unfortunately, he came from a pretty messed up background and I don't think anyone who knew him was surprised his life ended early and under bad circumstances. But he still had a huge impact on me and is someone I miss to this day. So I still think of him whenever I think of the Crow.

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Posted by NekroDave on 22 October, 2014 - 15:45