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Radon (Rodan)


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Great review, I am not a fan

Great review, I am not a fan of your typical Revoltech but the kaiju has been pretty good. When you mentioned the rod up his butt, it got me thinking... a good percentage of japanese toys have rods going into their butt or gimmicks design elements centering around the crotch butt region. I like how Haran Banjo flies his Machattacker into Daitarn's butt. Anyways, i am waiting for the SH radon to come out, but if I run across this I may pick it up

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Posted by chachipower on 6 July, 2012 - 20:52
Thanks, man! I refuse to

Thanks, man!

I refuse to think about rods and butts anymore.

If you're looking for a Showa Rodan, I'd say go for this. The SH Radon is the Heisei-era. Some people are picky. Personally, I like my old school dirt-colored Rodan.

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Posted by Jmann on 6 July, 2012 - 20:59
I would pose him on the clear

I would pose him on the clear stand,flying OVER the building,that way you get to use the cool prop and Rodan's honor stays unsullied. If you remember,a lot of his damage was caused by flying past buildings rather than outright hitting them.

I just watched Rodan again last month,and I can't say with certainty,but I want to say the toy building here was actually in the movie. I mean,it's not just a generic building. Someone with more free time than me can go back and check their copy of the DVD,but I'm pretty sure I recognise it.

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Posted by kidnicky on 15 July, 2012 - 18:16
More Startling Than Jules Verne

Rodan is in my top 4 list of favorite kaiju. I think the reason why I like him so much is that he uses plain, raw physical strength and speed. Like Anguirus, Varan, and Gorosaurus, he doesn't have any energy beams or projectiles. He doesn't need them. Not when he can produce powerful, hurricane-like winds.

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Posted by Scarfang_The_Slayer on 30 July, 2014 - 20:33