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"What's in the basket?"

When I first saw this, it reminded me of something but I couldn't think of what. Now I know. It's like a Japanese mecha version of Belial from Basket Case.

"This must be settled the way nature intended....with a vicious, bloody fight!"
Onyx Blackman
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Posted by NekroDave on 24 October, 2008 - 19:47
I really like the way this

I really like the way this toy looks, but getting one can be pretty difficult. (Big surprise there, right?) I hope/wish Konami would do a gokin version to match the Great Impact Gurren Lagann. Maybe include a fully articulated MMS Simon or something.

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Posted by REX-203 on 25 October, 2008 - 03:24
I have this one, and it's a

I have this one, and it's a great friggin' toy! They have been almost impossible to find for many months now, and I was lucky enough to score a decent priced one (read: not triple retail)on eBay. It's a must have for any fan of the show. I'm really surprised that Konami hasn't re-released it yet. There is certainly a demand for it.

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Posted by GogDog on 25 October, 2008 - 07:45
Is real cool

This guy looks great... When will SOC do a release of Gurren Lagenn? That will be a great toy.


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Posted by Lizardspock on 25 October, 2008 - 12:11
Technichally speaking,

Technichally speaking, wouldn't Konami's Great Impact model count as the SOC?

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Posted by Decade010 on 16 November, 2008 - 12:16
That's the OPPOSITE of technically speaking.

Konami's Great Impact Model counts as Konami's Great Impact Model. It is a die-cast toy but it is not under the SoC name. The Great Impact Model looks cool, but it's too hard to find and sold at ridiculous prices. That's part of what the appeal of an SoC release would likely be; more widely-released, cheaper.

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Posted by Gareth Infinity on 16 November, 2008 - 12:58