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Type-J9 Griffon (Flight Unit Version)


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I'm going to go cry now

Damn. I want this real bad. Damn, my wallet is real empty. Looks nice. Great review as always Josh.

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Posted by Atom on 7 September, 2007 - 13:26
Seconded, and seconded.

Seconded, and seconded. Agreed, Josh, good one!
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 7 September, 2007 - 13:36
Got it !

Came across it today in a toy store, picked it up .
And can I say it's far better then I thought it would be, I was laughing maniacally when I held it for the first time... that good !

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Posted by zolarzyztem on 11 September, 2007 - 15:24
RE:Got it!

How much did you pay in store, if I may ask?

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Posted by Atom on 12 September, 2007 - 19:51

I finally found one on ebay for an affordable price, about $75 before shipping in the US. :) I am so glad I waited. Prior, it was hard to find one for under $130.

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Posted by GogDog on 14 April, 2008 - 00:32
Hey Josh, HLJ is having a

Hey Josh,

HLJ is having a sale of the supposedly limited Aqua version.

Good thing the Griffon doesn't come with an antenna that you can lose easily, like the Ingram!

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Posted by nikodiablo on 29 January, 2009 - 07:00
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