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kaiyodo or kaiyodon't?

hi, I just recently ordered a couple gaogaigar figures from kaiyodo. this will be my first figures from kaiyodo. I haven't ordered choryujin yet, but I was wondering if it had the weird joint thing kaiyodo's known for? and does it have the "rest-easy" durability or "don't touch it!" durability?

I'm hoping the gaogaigar figures are at least as solid and durable as you say this guy is.

oh, and not to bombard you with questions about yesterday's toys, but which is better for the gaogaigar figures, yujin or kaiyodo? kaiyodo looked like the stronger toy of the two, but I've been hearing so much about their QC., choryujin looks cool. might have to buy him anyway...

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Posted by jinuo on 27 April, 2006 - 20:28
Kaiyodo is a mixed bag.

Kaiyodo is a mixed bag. Their robot museum line (like this toy) is solid and sturdy - no floppy parts - you can handle them and play with them.

Other older kaiyodo toys, such as the evas, virtual on, and even the trigun toys are very fragile.

if you stick with toys within the "Robot Museum" line, you should be ok, but really, who knows with kaiyodo. I'm hoping the revoltech series is better.

Yujin toys are more toy-like, but less detailed, and softer plastic. Think MSIA gundam toys. The DX GGG figures are another story - those are really great. Good-looking and very toy-like.

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Posted by JoshB on 28 April, 2006 - 09:47