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Gila Monster

Balcannon's animal mode is supposed to be a gila monster. I had this guy as a kid. I thought it was kinda lame and cheaptoy-ish, so I didn't really take care of it, but part of me loved it because it was a present from my older cousin who I idolised. Thanks for reviewing and giving me that nostalgia hit.

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Posted by TheDaiOni on 9 July, 2015 - 06:40
Sacred Beast Legend Bioroid - Love Them 2!

Hi CollectionDX,

Nice review on Balcannon! I love the dog joke haha.
This Deltaforce member I have to say is the weakest out of the group but still love it, because his quite solid as a toy, easy simple transformation, balanced stability, nice design, nice paint apps, and cool stickers! I have to admit the humanoid bioroid face sculpts are very sinister and evil looking!

Thank you for sharing more of the Deltaforce toys!

Kind and best regards,

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Posted by RoboSynergy on 9 July, 2015 - 19:17
Species Challenge Accepted

Faux-modo dragon? Sham-eleon? Uh... Impostordile?

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Posted by Fartwarp on 9 July, 2015 - 19:36