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Ultra Seven


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Pure sex.

Pure sex.

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Posted by Jetjagaa on 17 January, 2009 - 13:42
That fight between

That fight between Ultraseven and King Joe on the back of the box? That's my favorite epsiode of any show ever.

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Posted by kidnicky on 17 January, 2009 - 22:07
tis a thing of beauty

tis a thing of beauty

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Posted by spaceman on 18 January, 2009 - 00:04
I don't quite get this.

Is there something I'm missing? The box isn't particularly amazing in my eyes (though it is quite nice) and I don't get how the toy is particularly attractive at all- (although the paint job is nice) the proportions are kinda odd. The HD video (in terms of picture quality- I thought the actual video was well done) wasn't that impressive either.

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Posted by Rankarana on 18 January, 2009 - 04:36
;-) That is the beauty of


That is the beauty of this hobby. There are so many perspectives on what we like, and what type of toy appeals to us.

I think the article overall was supposed to have a tongue and cheek vibe, so whatever colorful descriptions there are, are meant to be taken lightly. It is a vintage toy after all.

The "amazing" nature of the box, is not the graphics or any artistic merit,(though I will admit a weakness for the vintage beauty of the box cover painting) rather the state in which the box is in. You have to remember, this is an earlier tin, in what is a rather fragile box to begin with. To find them in this kind of case fresh condition is rather hard, if not near impossible these days.

In terms of the toy itself... well you have to try and view it from the perspective of the time in which it was made. Certainly it will not stand up to the modern representations of the character, or many modern toys for that matter, but thats not the appeal for me, or perhaps for those who enjoy the beauty of the funky naive nature it has. It was a goofy little toy for a child of the 60's, not a adult collector it will suffer a bit in terms of accuracy or slickness.
Is it fugly? Yup. But I would not have it any other way. ;-)

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Posted by joshua fraser on 18 January, 2009 - 11:56

This toy is great! What make it great is non other than the off proportional, walking tin toys! this is vintage (1967) toy at its best.

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Posted by Berserk on 18 January, 2009 - 18:59
"The HD video (in terms of

"The HD video (in terms of picture quality- I thought the actual video was well done) wasn't that impressive either."

I think you need to be sure when you watch it,you press the HD link and watch that, not the regular non HD version.

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Posted by joshua fraser on 19 January, 2009 - 20:55