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Arms Change Kamen Rider Bravo Durian Arms from Kamen Rider Gaim

Never fear, darling! Kamen Rider Bravo is here to class up the place. This often villainous Rider hails from Kamen Rider Gaim and is the fighting form of the fabulous Oren Pierre Alfonzo. This highly articulated rendition of Brave in his Durian Arms form comes equipped with his spiky Duro Noko blades and as an Arms Change figure, can equip any of the Lock Seed based armor sets from other Riders in this line. Bravo is being sold as a premium shop exclusive. Coming May 2014 for 4,320 yen. Durian Au Lait!


Posted 5 February, 2014 - 09:25 by VF5SS


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Can you open this toy within

Can you open this toy within the confines of a city?

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Posted by TattooedRobot on 5 February, 2014 - 10:23
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