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Post-Summit Sale Thread

Posted: 31 August, 2013 - 16:36

Wasn't able to make it to the summit? Post your for sale lists from your summit leftovers here!

Most of these items are now on ebay

JoshB's Post Summit Sale

  • 31 August, 2013 - 16:39

As a rule, I don't post things for sale on my own site, but as many couldn't make it to the summit, I thought I would offer some things up to CDX readers. Some basic rules:

- Paypal only
- Shipping is by Priority mail only
- I'm willing to TRADE - send me a list of what you have.
- Interested parties should email to inquire about purchasing

Click titles below to see images. Also search CDX as a lot of these have been reviewed.

ChoShinGokin Varidorin Complete MIB UniFive $100
GN-U Groizer X (HLJ Color) Yamato $65
Power Rangers Samurai Megazord Sealed Case of 3 (1x Claw Zord, 1x Samurai Megazord, 1x Bull Megazord) Bandai America $50
GX-45 Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z Bandai $40
Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z + Weapons Set (sold together only!) Bandai $50
Brave Gokin 04 God Raijin Oh CM's Corp. $250
1/12 Scopedog Red Shoulder Ver. 2.0 w/ Chirico Cuvie (Sold together only!) stickers applied Yamato $150
GX-47 Soul of Chogokin Energer Z Bandai $50
Milo of Descendents Bobblehead Aggronautix $10
GN-U Go-Shogun Yamato $10
Ippatsuman Tockyu Zaurus Takatoku $80
Joint Gattai Gokai-oh Bandai $10
Robot Spirits Volkein Bandai $25
Pla-Deluxe Muteki Shogun Bandai $80
Hikarian Transforming Train #11 Tomy $15
Transformers Arms Micron Starscream 06(stickers applied, arms micron broken leg) TakaraTomy $15
Ippatsuman Home Baser Mark $45
Patlabor Ingram (Bootleg of Bandai DX) Bootleg $15
Kaiju Kidz Mecha Boy Kaiju Kidz $20
Mazinger Z Vintage Mask Set Popy? $100
Keshi Dougram Blockhead (large) Takara? $15
Ultra Egg Eleking Bandai $5
Transformers Universal Studios the Ride EVAC Hasbro $10
Metallic Robocon Yutaka $15
Keshi Rainbowman (Large) Apex $15
Keshi Sunvulcan (Large) Popy $15
LBX Hunter Model Kit (Assembled) Bandai $5
Hoi Hoi San Model Kit (Assembled) Kotobukiya $5
Majin Soft Vinyl Bandai $10
1: 14 Roadbot Harley Davidson (opened) Roadbot $10
Transformers Raiden Bootleg Bootleg $10
Revoltech 074 Getter Dragon Kaiyodo $15
Revoltech 075 Neo Getter Kaiyodo $15
Revoltech 035 Black Getter Kaiyodo $20
Revoltech Yoko (Gurren Lagann) Kaiyodo $25
Play Arts Final Fantasy Ashe Square-Enix $5
GD-09 Chogokin Megaranger Silver Bandai $20
Power Rangers Megaforce Zord Lot (includes Zord, Tank Zord, 2 cycles) Bandai America $30
Soul of Sofubi Robocon (no tag) Bandai $5
Transformers Generations Asia Market Cliffjumper Hasbro $15
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