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Xecty Goddess of Wind

Xecty Goddess of Wind
Xecty Goddess of Wind
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$ 8,800
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Review by starro

front close dark

Background & Review. Xecty Ein-Goddess of Wind is from Shining Wind, an action role playing game for the Playstation 2. She seems to have a fairly complicated backstory.Click here to see it

First things first. Xecty comes in a window box.


The plastic blister.


This is a well-made, very solid, stable figure. Its got good heft and at 1/6 stands at a very impressive 12-ish inches tall. No posability and sadly, NO cast-off.


From any number of facings, the statue is done very well. Front details are well sculpted.

front close

front lower

Craftsmanship is excellent but sadly, the sculpt does nothing very inspiring. For example, the face is okay..but no real emotion or body language comes off the sculpt.

front close light

My primary complaint comes here. There are NO cast-off parts. I first-look at the statue from a distance and I thought for certain, this one’ s going to be topless. But nope.

front under

The bikini top and panties are VERY securely glued/fastened onto the statue. So, not even any “faux” cast off possibilities are possible.

side top

Details for the head wings and hands are good.

head wing

top hands

Sides are good. There's some clear tease here, but it didn't do much for me. Maybe its that whole "ethereal, goddess of the wind" thing? I found it kind of dull-but I'm sure that's just a matter of individual preference.

side left

side right

Legs are well-crafted and angelic

side legs

Rear is well-sculpted


with a solid-head of hair in place.

Foot Fetishists rejoice!

feet base

Base is VERY secure.

base top]

Overview. The statue is a solid, very stable piece of work. The key word here is craftsmanship. This pure quality of the statue is amazing. I’d be very surprised if you ever saw this falling over or suffering from material weakness. The combination of the base and the statue’s solid construction are among the most sturdy I’ve ever seen from Kotobukiya or ANY statue.That said, I’m rather disappointed in the complete absence of cast-off. But more importantly, there is the absence of any good tease or sex appeal from this figure. Perhaps someone who’s got a better appreciation/obsession with the Goddess of Wind might find more to love. Again-excellent construction and you will get a solid value for the 8800 yen (108.00 USD), but I guess I would recommend Xecty mainly for the hard core Shining Wind fan/completist or the girl-statue collector looking for a more conservative purchase.

Posted 17 March, 2011 - 12:56 by starro