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Review by starro

front all

Character.Among the new November 2010 DC Direct releases (along with Supergirl version 2) is a new Ame Comi version of Natasha Irons! This is the newest character to inherit the mantle of Steel, from the Superman “family” of characters. The daughter of the scientist/superhero Steel (Henry Irons), she is the 4th hero to use the title. She uses hi-tech armor with a hammer that replicates the powers of Superman.

natasha irons pic

(Image from Wikipedia, art by Pascal Ferry)

Review. We begin with the basics. Like all of the Ame Comi figures, Steel stands about 8 inches tall and is a statue with no posability other than what is indicted below.

There’s a nice full color window box.


Some good character art


box illo

Plastic blister.


Other than the base, Steel’s only other extra feature is the hammer.

blister close

This is a good likeness of Steel (although honestly, her current armor hasn't been around for too long)-on the attractive side but not too sexy. The Ame Comi figure line has been significantly improving since the very first ones I reviewed for ADX. Details are better and things like the seams and the paint bleeds are largely gone.front.

front all

front side


side right full

side rear left


rear full

This is probably the first black character I’ve ever seen as an anime type girl statue. And I like the fact that the facial features on the figure are somewhat accurate and not just a black version of the generalized features that you see on most anime statues.

front close

Her helmet and other details are excellent

rear side head

rear close head

rear side head 2

side left

The front shows off her nice breasts and some toned abs and bellybutton. No nipples or excessive areola or other curvy details as you find on the Japanese statues. As I’ve said about the other Ame Comi figures, they’re still basically corporate icons, so they’ll probably never reach the level of sexy that most of the Japanese statues do.

front close 2

hammer arm

I guess the eyes are one of my complaints. From one angle, she looks great and carries a great confident, sensible look,but from the wrong angle, the eyes on the statue make her a little odd looking (see above).

front head 2

the hammer

rear side left hand

Finely painted details, like the tattoo on her right arm are excellent.


The left hand on Steel can be rotated and is adjustable to allow some posability with Steel’s hammer.

hammer arm

The ass on Steel is especially nice. In fact, its clearly painted to disguise the fact that its supposed to be bare cheeks around the armor.


I like the asymmetrical leg armor.

legs ass base

Good details on the boots and legs. Solid articulation with the base.

base feet

rear legs

Overall. The new Ame Comi figures have been well done and they’ll need to be in order to be competitive with Marvel/ Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statue line. Ame Comi has thankfully, taken a distinct turn away from the really anime-looking figures (the big eyes, small necks, and etc.) towards a more real look. It’s a good, solid, conservative figure. Not too sexy, but enough good stuff to notice. Plus, probably one of the only black women to be depicted as an anime statue!

Posted 10 March, 2010 - 16:47 by starro