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Review by JoshB


Metis comes from the video game “Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3” released for the Playstation 2. I’ve never played the game, but Metis is an Android, the companion unit to Aegis. It appears that Metis is the “dark side” of Aegis, but having never played the game, that’s just my interpretation.

I got this because I just like the design. Technically, she’s a robot, right? Either way she looks cool.


Metis comes in your standard Figma box with a die cut window showing the figure and parts. Inside includes the following accessories:

- extra face
- 8 extra hands with holder
- Iron Mallet
- Bus Stop Sign
- Koromaru (dog)
- Stand
- Accessory Bag

Metis is available a HobbyLink Japan

The typical figma construction is here, with nothing but high quality all around. Paint and detail are great

Metis is a combat android, and as such she is ready to battle. There’s a visor on her head that can be placed over the face for combat. The visor is a little loose but non-removable.

What is removable though is the face – Metis comes with two facial expressions: Serious and Cheerful.

Various hands are included, some designed specifically for certain weapons. The hands with the small holes in them can hold the Iron Mallet – a cross-shaped weapon. The handle comes off to allow you to put the handle through the hole.

The hands with the larger holes are for the bust station sign. I can only imagine the context in which this is used in battle.

The waist skirts are translucent and articulated at the back.


Metis is posed with toes tilted down, implying she is floating in air. Small, clear inserts are attached to the feet that enable her to stand without the Figma display stand.

The default Figma stand is included and plugs into the back of the figure. Figma has some of the best stand / figure pairings on the market.


All in all it’s a great figure and continues the standard of excellence set forth by prior releases. Now I need a Aegis Figma…

Figma Metis is available at HobbyLink Japan

Posted 9 March, 2011 - 14:49 by JoshB