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Cure Passion

Cure Passion
Cure Passion
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Review by Dkun

Originally, I never knew much about Pretty Cure. The most that I knew about the series was that it was a magical girl show, and that it aired after Kamen Rider in Japan. Of course every so often fanart and figures would show up from these shows, and one character in particular that really caught my eye was Eas from the show Fresh Precure. Well it turned out that Eas ended up becoming one of the Precures in that show known as Cure Passion. I never watched the show, but thought she still looked pretty cool so I figured that since the Figuart is on sale, I'd give it a look.

Cure Passion comes in the pinkest box I've ever seen. It's also one of the larger S.H. Figuart boxes I've seen as well, I'll get more on that later.

Cure Passion out of the box is pretty well sculpted. All the paint applications seem clean and the face sculpt looks pretty good.

Because many of the Precure designs have heels on, it is impossible for them to stand on their own. A stand is included because of this. However, this stand only allows standing positions and is incredibly useless.

With a much better stand, it's easier to get a feel for Cure Passions articulation, which isn't too bad. Ball jointed arms, legs, neck, waist, torso, all of it's tight and fully functioning. Her articulation is limited in the legs unfortunately because of her skirt, which is all sturdy PVC, and does not bend to allow the legs to go any further than about 45 degrees.

Several alternate faces are included. A calm face, a slightly even calmer face, and a shouting face; however I really need to mention something about them that annoys me. Now I know that Good Smile Company with their Figma line has perfected face swapping essentially. However, Bandai and Revoltech are incredibly stubborn and refuse to do it that way. So instead of just having several swappable faces, you get three alternate chunks of face each with their own ball joint. This is just excessive and seems like a waste of production costs.

Cure Passion does come with a fair number of hands. Some fists for punching, hands so that she can make a heart with her hands, some “count up your sins” hands, and an alternate pair for holding her weapon.

The articulation in the elbows really makes it a bit difficult to do this pose.

The hand that's sculpted to hold the Passion Harp does not work at all. It's sculpted like she's doing devil horns, except the horns are only slightly curled to grab onto the harp. It looks good when you get it in a pose, but it falls out incredibly easily.

I mentioned earlier that the box seems slightly thicker than previous S.H. Figuart boxes. That's because of Cure Passions ridiculous hair, which is actually screen accurate so I can't get too mad about it. Unfortunately, Bandai molded all of her hair in very thick heavy PVC, so she is incredibly top heavy. In addition to being top heavy, Cure Passions neck is also on the most useless double ball joint ever created that makes it seem like she's just having difficulties keeping her head upright because it's so heavy.

I knew from the get go that these Precure Figuarts would not be the same quality as the Kamen Rider Figuarts. Despite being prepared with this knowledge, I was still caught off guard by the very limiting skirt, top heavy head, and bizarre head swapping method. Cure Passion is not perfect, but because she was on sale when I purchased her, I don't feel nearly as bad about it in the end I suppose.

Posted 11 February, 2011 - 14:21 by Dkun