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Beast Chaos (Kikaida)

Beast Chaos (Kikaida)
Beast Chaos
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Review by Prometheum5

Real x Head is a small Japanese vinyl company started and run by Mori Katsura in 2003. Mori’s first figure was the Oni-Head, but he saw much more success with his second figure, the Mutant Head, the start of the iconic Mutant Zone series. The Mutant Head sculpt was borne out of Mori’s love of classic 80’s toys, especially Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Taken from the Super 7 Mook, the Mutants are an invisible race that lives in the forests and mountains in natural harmony, existing outside the realm of human perception. Led by the militaristic Akro-Kaiser, the Mutants dislike humanity because of the damage we do to their natural habitats, and so the Mutants cause accidents and natural disasters to punish us. During an engagement, Mutant Head is injured and loses his ability to stay invisible. Mutant Head is found by a young boy and nursed back to health, showing Head that not all humans are evil. When Mutant Head returns to confront Akro-Kaiser about their aggression towards humanity, a schism erupts within the Mutant world over how to deal with humans, leading to what amounts to a civil war among the Mutants, with the human-defending Mutants being lead by Mutant Head.

The Mutant Zone 3 sculpts debuted in 2009 and feature significantly more detailed sculpts. The story of the Mutants has taken a major turn. In a massive battle, some of the main characters have been merged together through the ferocity of their fight.


Beast Chaos is not a fusion of two previous characters like the other two MZ3 characters, but just a further mutation of Mutant Chaos’s shapeshifting form. The fit had really hit the shan for the Mutants, so Chaos bulked up and got ready for some serious combat.


Beast Chaos is an incredibly detailed vinyl, featuring matted fur, some chaotic bits from the original Chaos sculpt, and heavier armored patches for added protection. Beast Chaos is a really heavy figure among Real Head fight figs, and feels great in your hands.


This version was a limited release in Japan, featuring colors in a homage to one of my favorite tokusatsu characters, Kikaida, and matches the awesome Chaos Adult I reviewed previously. It features metallic blue and red split with a black rub to enhance the detail, and a gold splatter effect to hit Kikaida’s third major color in a subtle and chaotic fashion.


Posted 13 June, 2011 - 20:17 by Prometheum5