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Review by JoshB

In the anime Gurren Lagann, Yoko provides the majority of the fan-service for the sex-starved otaku. Fortunately though she is more than a pretty face. Yoko is a kick-ass character in one of the best anime in recent years.

Yoko is a surface dweller in an age where most of humanity lives underground. She is a warrior first and foremost, using her skills as a sharpshooter to wield her rifle in combat against the beastmen. She befriends the Gurren Lagann Pilots Simon and Kamina in their fight for the control of the earth, and the universe...

And of course, they are all ga-ga over Yoko, and rightly so. She's got some dangerous curves. It is these curves that make her a fan-favorite in the world of anime figures, with dozens of releases bearing her likeness.

The Fraulein Revoltech is only one of two poseable figures of Yoko that has been released, the other being a sold-out Konami MMS figure.

Yoko is the tenth Fraulein figure release, and the toy shows serious improvements over earlier releases, but is still plagued with a few major flaws.

The figure stands about 6 inches tall and is very articulated, as is the case with all Revoltech. She comes packaged with a host of accessories including variant face, variant hair, several sets of hands, rifle and display stand.

The sculptor really captured the likeness of the character. With both faces you can switch from "peaceful happy Yoko" to "enraged in the heat of battle Yoko".

The swappable hair also gives you an option of displaying the figure with her glasses on. The hair has her signature skull hair clip, chopsticks holding the ponytail in, and an articulated ponytail with a Revoltech joint.

Shoulders are articulated with small Revoltech joints, and there are no issues with the arms coming off. Thee is also a split joint in the upper arm, and the elbows are articulated with a new style of joint called a "madora" joint (essentially a super-small cylindrical revolver joint.

On each wrist you have a removable wristband, and the hands are easily swappable onto revolver joints.

The torso is hinged just below the breasts and it is virtually invisible.

The hips are Revoltech joints, but the knees are plain swivel joints, and on this figure they are VERY loose and floppy. It's a pain to get Yoko to stand still. The included display stand helps but the stand is a little tall for the figure.

In addition, the upper thigh has a swivel joint, while the ankles are full Revoltech.

Yoko's signature weapon is her large high caliber sniper rifle. This gun is about 6 inches long and includes swappable stand parts and a shoulder strap. The strap does stretch, but too much pulls the end out of the gun barrel and will need to be repaired.

The best thing about this figure is the looks. Yoko is hella cute, she's got a great body, and the sculpt and paint are fantastic. She also does not look too bad posed against the mighty Gurren Lagann!

Posted 7 February, 2009 - 15:35 by JoshB