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The SRGM Event will feature a 465 Sq ft gallery featuring art from established and up and coming artists, all relating to the theme of Super Robots and Giant Monsters. On display will be original art, custom toys and 3D printed pieces.

Below is a list of artists confirmed to be exhibiting at Super Robots Giant Monsters. If you are interested in participating, please visit our Call for Artists page.

  • David Horvath (Uglydolls)
  • Sanjeev Selvaraj (Brownnoize Productions)
  • Ben Mininberg (Prometheum5)
  • David White (MechaZone)
  • Frankie B Washington (Robot God Akamatsu)
  • Matt Doughty (Onell Design)
  • Joshua Bernard (CollectionDX)
  • Nistuff
  • David Mpon
  • Bruce Wood
  • Howie Green
  • Jason Casey
  • Matthew Walls

More artists added soon.