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Masked Rider Den-O Climax Form


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You haven't seen any images of Climax Form in action, have you?

First of all, Climax Form is the combined form of all four protagonist monsters in the show: Momotaros (Sword Form), Urataros (Rod Form), Kintaros (Ax Form), and Ryutaros (Gun Form). This form can only be achieved though the phone that clamps onto the front of the belt, the Keitaros.

And those last couple of images? Not all of the masks need to be equipped to the figure at one time. Blue on the right, yellow on the left, and purple in center is what the default form should look like. The other mask things represent Climax Form's three finishers: Boisterous Kick (masks that fit on leg), Boisterous Punch (masks that fit on arm), and Boisterous Shout (purple mask lifted up).

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Posted by YuushaFan on 4 June, 2012 - 09:21