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Sora Kasugano (Sukumizu ver.)

Sora Kasugano (Sukumizu ver.)

Review by JoshB


Kotobukiya describes Sora Kasugano as follows:

“Joining the beautiful ladies of Kotobukiya’s Ani*Statues comes one of the main characters from the popular dating adventure game Yosuga No Sora, the attractive Sora Kasugano (Sukumizu Ver.). Along with her twin brother Haruka, Sora lost her parents in an accident and moved into their grandparents’ abandoned house, leading to adventures they never could have imagined. Sleepy and subdued, the girl likes to stay at home and is addicted to junk food and the internet.
The ultimate “moe” sister character, Sora is based on art taken from Sphere’s exclusive microfiber towel designed by popular illustrator Taka Hashimoto. The provocative beauty is posed shyly reclining on her side in her school swimsuit, one strap slipping down her arm. The dark colors of her blue swimsuit and black hair ribbons are nicely contrasted with Sora’s pale skin and gorgeous golden pigtails. Sculpted by Munetoshi Makio, Sora is approximately 5 inches tall (1/6th scale) resting on her special white display base.”

Cultural note: Sukumizu = School Swimsuit


They weren’t kidding when they said this is the ultimate Moe figure.

Sora comes packaged in an attractive window box with a cool feature on the back. There is a die-cut hole that reveals the actual fabric pillow beneath the figure.




The figure is packed in the usual clamshell, with adhesive plastic sheets covering the figure. This is to keep parts from rubbing against each other during packaging and shipping.
Normally taking these sheets off is no big deal, but some of the hair parts are so intricate that I feared breaking the thin plastic parts when removing them.

Included in the box are the figure and the silk pillow. The pillow is an actual stuffed fabric pillow, with a little Kotobukiya tag on it. The figure rests gently on the pillow.
Being 1/6 scale, it’s actually bigger than most anime figures, but the character is in a sitting pose, and is diminutive to begin with.







The sculpt is sharp and clean, with no visible seam lines or paint defects. We expect no less from Kotobukiya. There are a few small places on the flesh areas that seemed to have shiny patches on them.





The core figure is made out of PVC, while the hair pieces are ABS. Please be careful with the hair, it seems fragile.I appreciate the little details, like the white inside lining of the swimsuit.





This figure is Moe. It’s innocent, yet seductive. It’s playing to the prurient interest without being explicit. It wants to be rescued by you, don’t you think?





Review sample provided byKotobukiya

Posted 16 March, 2010 - 14:58 by JoshB