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Makise Kurisu

Makise Kurisu

Review by Maxine

The gears she sits on are wrapped separately, and you’ll need to connect them yourself. I do have to say, maybe too many gears, but either way it looks amazing. The gears seem to break easily, so be careful.

I had a lot of trouble putting it together, mostly because the instructions are in Japanese. The packaging is quite wasteful. Everything is wrapped separately, and they go a bit overboard on the plastic wrapping.

The paint is done very well, and her jacket looks airbrushed, not that I would know. It can’t move, but it can stand easily on its own.

It costs about $80.00, and even though it’s great, I wouldn’t pay that much money for it. Overall, the toy’s amazing, and I think that maybe they should just lower the price tag a tad bit.

Posted 21 February, 2011 - 23:31 by Maxine