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Guts -The Spinning Cannon Slice- 1/6 Scale from Berserk

The Spinning Cannon Slice is a combined movement of a blow of Guts’ sword Dragon Slayer and the Cannon that bears on his left arm. The sculpture refers to the scene where Guts uses this skill against the tentacle monsters of the phantom ship in volume 35 of the comic. Moreover, we also did some modification so the model will not totally same with the scene.

The statue is about 33 cm width, 38 cm depth, and Dragon Slayer is as much as about 26.5 cm. With excellent dynamic modeling work on the deck simulated base, the fluttering cloak and sword, rotating motion in the entire molding is recreated.

Product Information Size: approx.W33cm x D38cm x H25cm (sword and base included)

Edition: Limited version 1: 88 pieces with Bonus attached

Limited version 2: 44 pieces without Bonus Bonus: Human Puck mini figure


Price exclude shipping and handling cost: Limited version 1: 100,000 JPY Limtied version 2: 95,000 JPY Installment Plans: 3 times payment or 4 times payment (include shipping cost). 

You can preorder Guts at Art of War's website.


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Posted 22 May, 2014 - 12:09 by VF5SS