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Hanged Man from Armored Core V

"Humans are just so interesting..." The Chief from Armored Core V uses his custom AC to dog the player throughout the game and Kotobukiya is bringing the "Hanged Man" to the world of plastic model kits. This bulky machine capable of recreating features seen in the video game like opening shoulder weapon bays and functional shoulder weapon racks. Its constituate parts are also compatible with other Armored Core V kits. The Hanged Man is 1/72nd scale which makes it compatible with a wide variety of existing military models. Comes equipped with several weapons like the KARASAWA laser file, a battle rifle, and a close range pile bunker. The lower legs and Battle Rifle can be built as two different variants. Coming Fall 2014. Price is to be announced.









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Posted 25 February, 2014 - 09:25 by VF5SS
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