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Griffith: The Battle for Doldrey 1/10 Scale figure from Berserk

"ART OF WAR latest Berserk Figure "Griffith: The Battle for Doldrey 1/10 scale" released on December 11th.

ART OF WAR spent months on the refinement of the early masterpiece “Griffith Horse Riding Sculpture”. Every little part has been carefully improved and the entire statue is in a perfect sense of balance and vitality. The rock pedestal part has been remolded to enhance a dynamic representation that does not taste at an early kit. The mantle waves, armor of the horse, and other detail parts also have been well refined. All the efforts make this statue reborn as a completely new work with vibrant and lively movement. The armor for Griffith and the horse has been painted like it was really used in the battles. The riveting and the eye-protecting parts of the armor, the mantle and the white horse, the saddle and the belt, all details are carefully painted. This time ART OF WAR also offers a special option for Red Mantle as X’ mas limited edition." Version 1 costs approx. $823. Version 2 costs approx. $782. Please visit Art Of War for more details.

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Posted 15 December, 2014 - 11:52 by VF5SS