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Takatoku 1/55 Valk for sale, CM's Ingram

Posted: 20 May, 2011 - 17:58

Scroll down for the Ingram. Right now these are only posted on CDX, I'll probably start posting them around some other forums in the next week or so.

This 1983 Hikaru VF1A was part of Erik Ando-Yeap's collection. Whoever owned it before Yappy tried their hand at painting the wing and tail stripes, and it's not perfect. The same(?) owner was a smoker as well, and the backside of the valk is pretty discolored (as is the top of the styro tray). Note that it's not the usual discoloration that comes from early ABS, and if you want to clean it up, it will scrub off. Or, you can leave it as a tribute to the labor of love of an 80's era Japanese otaku. As most valks of this era are, Battroid mode is a floppy mess. It does stand very nicely though. The spring loaded landing gears both work and will still bust your knuckles. The plastic window on the box is pretty dinged up, but intact, and the box has the usual edge wear, but it's in pretty good shape. The box has a sticker from Ginza Hakuhinkan Toypark. Stickers are applied, no paperwork is included. One missile only, gun is a little touchy to load but still shoots alarmingly hard.

$75 includes priority shipping for the US, if you're somewhere else, let me know and I'll figure out postage. Paypal is expected, if you really can't pay online in the year 2011 and this is something you desperately want, there are A)several things wrong with you and B) I will grudgingly take a money order.

※Assume anything non-Valk in the pictures is only for purposes of scale.
※Pictures taken with a 10 year old Cybershot

CM's Brave Gokin 07X - AV-98 Ingram 1&3 (TV Ver)
It's never been opened. There is some minor damage to the top corners of the box. That's the way it arrived, unfortunately.
$55 shipped, shipping and payment specifics are the same as for the valk

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