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Saint Cloth Myth Female Saint Body

Time for another installment of “get to know your Saint Cloth Myth bodies.”
Today we are checking out the fighting ladies: the Female Saint body.


The Saint Cloth Myth body that is used for the female Saints and Athena is a hybrid of the old female body of the line, which was used for Athena in her dress, Pandora and Polaris Hilda. Currently, the only characters that use the new Female Saint body are:

  • Ophiuchus Shaina
  • Aquila Marin
  • Mermaid Thethis
  • Athena in God Cloth

Our model today will be the latest figure to use this body type: Athena.



This new body type features just as much articulation as Version 3 male bodies of the regular Saint Cloth Myth line.

The thighs feature ball and socket joint that connect it to the waist. The thighs also features two swivels. One swivel moves laterally. The other swivel is on the inside thigh and is on the part of the thigh that houses the socket. This one moves horizontally.



The knees are double jointed. Also, the foot connects to the lower leg using a peg that is inserted into the hole in the lower leg. This can act like a swivel for the lower leg.The ankles are on a ball swivel. Finally, the front part of the foot features a hinge.


There is swivel at the waist. Above that is an abs crunch.The neck is double jointed.The shoulder is composed of a ball and socket. Below that, there is a bicep swivel and a double jointed elbow. The wrist is on a ball swivel.  

So as you can see, the Female Saints can keep up with their male counterparts in terms of articulation.


They can even sit better than the guys.



Posted 13 March, 2014 - 08:06 by SentaiSeiya