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Video Review: Gurren Lagann

If you are a stickler for anime-accuracy, better turn back now, this isn’t for you.

Video Review: Raiking and Balking

Get your ES Gokin Gaikings ready!

Video Review: Mach Baron

More Magnemo Action from Evolution Toy!

Video Review: Shigcon Jet

"Die-cast metal parts! Twin rocket launchers! Launchable satellite interceptor! Wings fold, wingtips bend up!"

Video Review: Kargosaur

"Die-cast metal parts! Launches rockets! Assumes "Defense position" - collapses into a ball! Poseable head and neck! Compartment opens, carries mini-beasts!"

Video Review: Aquarion EVOL

In the absence of a proper deluxe Aquarion EVOL toy, this Super Robot Chogokin exists to fill a void and does so adequately.

Video Review: YF-23 Black Widow II PAV-1 "Spider"

The Muv-Luv Alternative version of the YF-23 Black Widow II is one of the most visually striking designs in the A3 line.

Video Review: Danboard Cardboard Assembling Kit

We all know about the famous Revoltech Danboard, but did you know about this actual cardboard Danboard kit?

Video Review: Legacy Power Morpher


Video Review: ZordBuilder System - Swordfish Zord with Mega Ranger

The animal mode is quite satisfying in what it fixed from the original Japanese release.

Video review included!

Video Review: F-4J Kai / Type-82F Zuikaku

When you're part of the Japanese Imperial Royal Guard you gotta travel around in a fancier ride than anyone else's! Enter the F-4J Kai Zuikaku, which is an upgraded version of the F-4 Phantom.

Video Review: Scarlet Rain

If you don't know anything about Scarlet Rain, it's pretty accurate to just call this toy a red Drossel.

Video Review: Commander Carter

ThreeA's 1/6 scale Commander Carter looks like he stepped out of Halo: Reach.

Video Review: ZordBuilder System - Beetle Zord with Mega Ranger

Clearly Bandai America said, “F*** that s***”. And it really, really shows.

Video review included!

Video Review: Aurora

Toy World continues their fantastic not-Throttlebot line with Aurora, and he is fantastic.

Video Review: Lazerback

I’m going to get it right out in the open. I don’t like this toy. I’m sure it’s a fine toy, for those who are into beast-type transformers, but this is just not for me. I don’t like the aesthetic at all.

Video Review: TW-H01 Hardbone

Toy World continues to shine, bringing us a modern update of my favorite Transformers Headmaster with TW-H01 Hardbone!

Video Review: ZordBuilder System - Samurai Megazord

Putting this thing side-by-side with its Japanese counterpart leaves a bad taste in your mouth, hands down.

Video review included!

Video Review: Grind Rod

ToyWorld shows how it's done with Grind Rod, a phenomenal third party Transformer!

Video Review: F-15E Strike Eagle

The F-15E Strike Eagle is one of the earliest releases of the A3 line by Volks. While not an ambitious figure, it is a good rendition of this mainstay machine from Muv-Luv Alternative.

Video Review: F-15E Strike Eagle (TMC)

America's stalwart fighter jet is re-imagined into a sleek combat robot with the F-15E Strike Eagle by Volks. This version is from the TMC line, which is a lower cost spinoff of their A3 toys.

Video Review: ThreeA Real Steel Atom

ThreeA's Real Steel Atom is all kinds of impressive.

Video Review: DX Samurai Kyojin Mogyudai-Oh

Zen Samurai Gattai Samurai Ha-Oh... Cluster-F***-You-Up Megazord…

(It just kinda rolls off the tongue, don’t you think?)

Video review included!

Video Review: Project Uranos SR-71 Blackbird & X-47 Phantom Ray

Project Uranos continues with Blackbird and Phantom Ray, and we get our first look at the combined Uranos!

Video Review: Electron +: The Man From Pluto

Electron + : The Man From Planet X, er, I mean Pluto. Yeah, that's the ticket!