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Video Review: Danguard A

After a long wait, one of the obvious omissions to the Soul of Chogokin line finally becomes a reality.

Video Review: Armored Red Ranger (MMPR)


Video Review: Blodia

Blodia wins this match as the first RIOBOT figure made with a hefty helping of diecast metal.

Video Review: Type-94 Shiranui Gun Sweeper / Gun Interceptor

The Type-94 Shiranui was the second figure produced by Volks and is a good looking if rather lackluster toy.

Video Review: King Kong The 8th Wonder of the World

Bandai breaks the Godzilla streak by releasing a stateside monster.

Video Review: Reideen

I’m not the sort of guy who usually goes for Super Deformed stuff, but I always make an exception for Reideen.

Video Review: DX Jet Scrander Set

The DX Jet Scrander Set for the DX Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z is a must-have if you already have the Mazinger.

Video Review: MiG-29 Lastochka

The MiG-29 Lastochka captures all the majesty of a giant robot that is covered in chainsaws.

Video Review: F-14 Laser Fighter

An ear splitting masterpiece from Tai Fong toys.

Video Review: Red Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)


Video Review: Robotic Aeroplane

This walking monstrosity is a curious toy that actually shares parts with the venerable Takatoku VF-1 Valkyrie.

Video Review: Bass & Treble

Two of the diabolical Dr. Wily's most fearsome robots have come to the D-Arts line.

Video Review: Iron Man Mk VII

After more than a year of waiting, Hot Toys' Iron Man Mk VII from Marvel's The Avengers arrives!

Video Review: Su-47E Berkut

The Su-47E Berkut is one of the final figures released in the A3 line and is both a beautiful and foreboding toy.

Video Review: Luke Skywalker

May the Force be with you!

Video Review: Blocker IV Boss Palder

A great modern toy of a classic but little known super robot.

Video Review: F-15・ACTV Active Eagle

While the F-15・ACTV Active Eagle is much more elaborate looking than its predecessor, the figure feels about the same execution wise.

Video Review: Thunder Gridman

Bandai's Ultra-Act Thunder Gridman is an experience that I would not wish on my worst enemies.

Video Review: Hyper Gokin Iron Man Mk. III

EZHobi swings for the fences with their Hyper Gokin Iron Man Mk. III. This is an ambitious and flawed toy, but is worth a look for what it brings to the Iron Man toy pantheon.

Video Review: VF-1A/S Valkyrie

An ambitiously engineered kit that is almost competent but would be better suited to a larger scale.

Video Review: Red King

It's the Michelin man's ugly cousin

Video Review: Aegis Gundam

It still boggles my mind that it's been ten years since Gundam SEED came out.

Video Review: Alien ReAction SDCC Exclusive

Get an early look at the Alien ReAction Comic-Con exclusive from Super7!

Video Review: GT-R Saber

It had me at Calsonic.

Video Review: Goraion

This Goraion is rearry nice!