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I'm 38 years old. Grew up in Sicily from 80-86 so while living in Europe I got swept away with all the manga cartoons that played on TV.

These Japanese cartoons blew me away because prior to moving back to Italy , my bro & I simply watched all the boring Disney stuff so we were mesmerized!

I used to watch all the Jap anime from that period and I loved them all! L'uomo Tigre (Tiger man) was one of my many favorites even though my mum didn't like me watching it because it was too violent and

I recently watched an Italian episode of L'uomo Tigre & Gundam and they brought back so many fond memories so now I'm keen to buy the dvd's and some toys too.

Unfortunately, I don't own any of my old toys because I gave them all away when I got interested in motor cycles & girls...doh!!

Anyways, back to the present. I was bored one night so i stumbled onto one of Josh's reviews so now i'd like to buy a few characters from the Soul of Chokokin collection because they seem to be of high quality!

I've collected a few items in my day including 1/18 scale die-cast American muscle cars, Military 1/35 & 1/48 models kits , old vinyl records, comic books, vintage one sheet posters, mint & loose Star wars figures. I dont have much on display but that's going to change as i'm looking to buy a decent glass display cabinet. I find this site very helpful so thanks ... : )

What is your all time favorite toy?
Gumdam, Jeeg,


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