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I grew up in the eighties following He-Man then went to Voltron (lions), Astro boy, and Transformers last of all was TMNT but the best cartoons for me where always looney Tunes. Until Simpon's then American Dad
My biggest and most loved collection I had was on He-Man I had all figurines, alot of Beasts/machines/carriers and the pride and joy, The He-man castle with microphone. Which when I was 8 y/o I lost to fire when our house burnt down. Tragic!
I started collect micro machines (Galoob) they are to me a marvael at miniturization with detail must be pre 1988 to excite me.
I saved my pennies and got a die cast Voltron and beside my Transformer Galvatron are my big assets.
Starwars figures and the plastic dog tags with chipset inside are very loved also.

What is your all time favorite toy?
My Die-Cast 1981 Voltron


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