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I started off collecting with Transformers after catching a glimpse of a CGI G2 commercial at around 3 or so and watching the movie and some of the G1 stuff. I then branched out into Power Rangers (sold all the zords I had bought dor money and space but did get the new Mighty Morphin zord which I always wanted), Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad (though only got the 1 Kilokhan figure I think, which I lost), Crash Test Dummies (lost them), TMNT, Thundercats (re-runs), Silverhawks (re-runs again), Universal and wing era Gundam (got a few MSIAs [US] and recently got a MG Zaku II), Big-O, the DC stuff (mostly got Batman which I only have 2 figures of left), 2000x He-man, Marvel (haven't collected any of yet).....Various anime, Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai soon followed as well as Doctor Who. I'm also a huge Gamer which started with the nintendo (first game was Super Mario) and Sega Genesis (no idea what happened to them), then I was introduced to PC gaming, the N64, PS2 (sold), and now the 360. the genres I play are shooter, RTS, RPG, Sci-Fi, Actiony stuff, fighting, and horror (Dead Space franchise so far xD). Also a huge Warhammer, Star Wars, and Command & Conquer fan; among other things like Gears of War, CoD, basically anything good. My collection so far is Transformers but I try to get other stuff when I have the money

What is your all time favorite toy?
Can't really pick one


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