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About Me :

My collection consists on: Yamato 1/60 Cannon Fodder VF-0A; Megahouse 1/15 Mospeada Ride Armor Ray Version. Unbuilt AC Models: Mirage Uranus (started this one 2 weeks ago!); Crest Close Combat; Crest Lightweight; Mirage Gaea. That's all! Yes, it's tiny, but much loved!
Things I would love to have in the shelf but do not dare to spend on:
1/60 Ghostbooster (for my VF-0); 1/60 Cannon Fodder SV-51; Revoltech VF-1J Hikaru TV ver.; Revoltech Regult; Revoltech Eva-## (all of 'em!); Megahouse 1/15 Blowsuperior; Kotobukiya chopper from GIS.SAC; Kotobukiya Armored Core models (all of 'em!); Hasegawa Macross models (all of 'em!).
And I could go on and on and on... Forever!

What is your all time favorite toy?
A yellow bulldozer transformer I had as a kid, most probably a bootleg, I only remember it had red rims in the wheels.


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