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Online games are viewed as addictions for kids. However, Cris, a web content creator for proves that not all online games harm the kids or the user of it. She writes about the positive effect of online games and give suggestions how to limit the use of it when kids are seemed adversely affected. She is very competent in her job making her one of the favorites of her boss. She is well dedicated and imaginative. She writes with first hand experience prior to writing about it. She also draw something online omgpop with her friends and family members.

About Her Company is a website where you can get knowledge about the Draw-something-online game. It is an online game useful for killing time and bonding with family members or friends. You just need to guess what others have written, as simple as that. The good thing is you are online so you can still be with your friends without closing the application. So what are you waiting for, you just need to draw and let your friend guess what you have drawn. A very simple game but will boost friendship and closeness among people. Jessie knows well how to play the game. She had fun and she is writing about it. Visit for more information.


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