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Super Robots, Mecha and Monsters! Growing up in Mississippi duiring the 70's, I had minimal exposure to the wave of Japanese toys into America in the guise of Shogun Warriors, but the Great Mazinger I had was probably the most loved toy I ever owned. Deep down inside I knew that little red ship in the head was supposed to come out even though it wouldn't, no matter how hard I tugged and pulled at it. When my parents sold their house, Great Maz was found in the attic...he was in rough set off a spark inside that I had not known in ages. I packaged him up and brought him back to college with me...minus all missles, wheels, swords and the rocket launching fist that I instinctively hated...and hit the new-fangled internet for any and all information about this toy and it's origins. My search led me to a web-site, with it's pink-colored background and two to three pages of information; it opened my mind and wallet into the glamorous hell that is japanese toy love. was the gateway for me, but the drug of choice had yet to be first I was a super-robot purist, but found my way to being a mecha snob and eventually turned into a vinyl whore. Now I have successfully synthesized my love for robots, mecha and monsters and enjoy all of them equally.

What is your all time favorite toy?
Today: Marusan Super7 Orange GID Godzilla


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