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Mandaluyong City, National Capital Region


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Hi, Im Lyndon from the Philippines and im a music professor. I bought a Great Mazinger GX-02 July 2009. But what i really want is Mazinger Z, the Shin Mazinger GX 45 and 49. I was a teen way back the 80s and i always watch the awesome anime Mazinger Z and Voltez V but it was cut short by our President. Bought Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z GX 45 last September 7, 2009 GX 47 Energer Z last Septermber 30,2009 and Hover Pileder PX-04.Its AWESOME!!!!MAZIN GO!!!!!(Coming soon GX-45A Atami Night Version Mazinger Z)

What is your all time favorite toy?
GX-45 Shin Mazinger, GX-47 Energer Z, GX-02 Great Mazinger, Soul of Popynica PX-04 Hover Pileder, GX-45A Atami Nigth Version Mazinger Z


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