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I love the decade of 80's and the 90's, during those times a lot of amazing cartoons hit the television such as Daimos, Voltron, Voltes-V, Transformers, M.A.S.K., Thundercats, Silver Hawks, Centurions, Astroboy and whole lot more! To tell you I never grow old with my memories of those amazing cartoons that produced great toys! Unfortunately, never had a chance to own one! I have this great feeling when seeing a nice toy at the department store! Too bad that time, We can't afford to buy one. Now honestly, I getting the toys I want! I'm so glad that Voltes-V toy ( soul of chogokin ) came back! Also the classic tranformers! Wheeeeeeew man! I'm so happy that I'm getting the things that i've never had before! I though I was weird co'z I felt that Im the only one buying collectibles! I never knew that there are people out there who collect toys and other stuff! Glad to know that!

What is your all time favorite toy?
Voltes - V Soul of Chogokin

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