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I started collecting in 1994, mainly vintage Star Wars toys and old Macross model kits, and in 1997 began collecting vintage Transformers and Japanese toys. My collection is not huge, as I do not buy often, but I love what I have. I work for Fed Ex as a delivery courier downtown Chicago and am going to school for Anthropology and Archaeology. I have traveled all over the world including Japan. My main focus has been vintage Gokin and Kaiju but have recently become addicted to Diaclones (whether original Japanese, Diakron or Kronoform I love them all). Right now trying to save as much as I can for my three grails: Fortress X, Great Robot Base and the Godaikin Tetsujin 28. It may take years but I will own them. I also have a collection of Japanese antiques with a ghostly/religious theme.

What is your all time favorite toy?
Popy GB-24 DX Tetsujin 28


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