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About Me :

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Chinatown area and have been in love with Japanese robot toys ever since I learned how to beg for things from my grandparents. Like most adult collectors, my enthusiasm wavered during my teen years, but my love for toys was reawakened when I started collecting Beast Wars Transformers.

During this time, I started collecting toys with a small group of friends. We would revel in our toy runs to every Target, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart in the tri-county area. Soon, I was digging in my parents garage for my old vintage Takatoku, Takara, Gakken, and Bandai robots. Sadly, some were missing. I’ve attempted to replace my missing childhood companions, pick up a few toys I always wanted but never could attain as a pint sized money pit, and build a respectable collection of vintage and new Japanese robots.

I’ve narrowed my collecting tastes down considerably to a few lines, which include Transformers, DX Brave Series, DX Godaikins, and Tatsunoko inspired Takatoku toys (with a sprinkling of high quality Gundam releases).

I'm currently employed as a staff content producer for a video game website in the Bay Area and I'm spearheading a project to create a modest movie, and toy review site (Coming soon).

What is your all time favorite toy?
Bandai's DX Godaikin Dyna Jupiter. I got this as a birthday gift from my dads best friend when I was a wee tike. My Machine Robos and Transformers had a ton of adventures in that mecha transport vehicle.

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