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My interests in toys change a lot over time, though certain things remain the same. I'll always have room for Transformers, gokin, Super Sentai, Brave, MOTU, TMNT, Lego, Gobots and Star Wars in the collection. But I like the stuff that's a bit off the beaten path as well, like Starriors, Sectaurs, or Starcom. If I had unlimited funds and unlimited room, I'd be going back into my past and grabbing all the old Mego superhero figures I could find, Micromen, Godaiken, Shogun Warriors, Godzilla's Gang, Inhumanoids, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. I didn't have nearly as many toys when I was a kid as many others, but I had a really odd assortment.

What is your all time favorite toy?
Hard to say, but maybe Gold Lightan?

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