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My interests are many as I used to collect all kinds of anime-related stuff. I say "used to" because recently I have become more specific with what I buy. Oh, I still like seeing all of the new stuff that comes out but, I can't just buy everything anymore (I'm running out of room) That said, I am still an avid collector of Macross mecha and everything Cutie Honey-related... Models? I have a bad habit of buying Gundam models only to have them sit in storage so that they can be made...someday...Then there are the conventions... I LOVE going to conventions... Both anime and sci-fi so that I can meet other fans, take pics of cosplayers and bask in the geeky glow of otakudom/fandom.

What is your all time favorite toy?
Yamato VF-1S (Skull One)

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