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I don't have much of a (figure) collection to speak of yet. However, I have a wide variety of anime in my video library. I'm partial to what my boyfriend calls "the wierd ones" like XXXHolic and Vampire Knight. Yes, yes, I know.... typical chick stuff, so sue me I'm a girl. I also recently got into manga(thanks Atom, the monster is growing) and now am following seven series; Dance in the Vampire Bund, Record of a Fallen Vampire, Vampire Knight, Inukami(although i think i'm giving up on this one, can't get into it), Fairy Tail, Shakugan No Shana, and Godchild. Yes, there is a theme here....again, sue me!

What is your all time favorite toy?
my plush Mokona, from XXXHolic. (thanks A.)


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