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I'm a 37 year old Japanese toy nut.

My fascination with Japanese toys began in my youth growing up in Boston Mass. I would watch Voltron, Robotech, StarBlazers, Tranzor Z etc...

My favorite show I would watch was actually several different shows called Force Five on channel 25.

I would watch daily waiting to see the fabled Mr. Big Toyland commercial. Although I never actually went their my friends did. Growing up poor made me so jealous at all the cool toys that my friends got that I didn’t.

One year I made a X-mas request for a Shogun Warriors Gaiking and low and behold I got it. Unfortunately my brother broke the launching arm the very same day. That was way back in 1980. I loved the hell out of that toy and always wanted another.

Lets fast forward to March 2001. At work I herniated 2 disks in my lower back and was out of work with an injury. At this time my younger cousin showed me the joys of ebay.

I soon realized that allot of people were selling Shogun Warriors/Jumbo Machinder’s. Now I could reclaim my beloved Gaiking as well as all the other toys that I wanted.

As I started buying Jumbo's I noticed alot were missing parts and stickers so I started to mold new parts and design stickers. I did this for a while but soon tired of it.

I now basically collect Bandai's Soul of Chogokins and other modern Gokin's that catch my fancy.

What is your all time favorite toy?
Toynami's Masterpiece Beta


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