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Yellow Lion (with Hunk figure)


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Better than Red but...

I looked at your pic of the lion in leg mode and see you positioned the feet the same way I did when the stabilizing plate is lowered. In Mattel's pics I saw they had those feet tucked close to the head which didn't make sense to me because then Voltron would rock back and forth from heel to toe. Sometimes I wonder if anyone at Mattel even handles these toys before putting them up for sale.

Anyways, I did enjoy Yellow Lion more than Red, but my Red had a loose leg that I fixed myself rather than returning it. For the price and knowing that Mattel can't reuse the molds for anything but Lion Voltron I wish there was more sculpted detail, especially in the cockpits. They could have thrown in snap on shoulder weapon attachments as well considering the price to give us more display options in Lion mode. What bums me out is that I liked Yellow better than Red, but Green will have the same flaws Red has.

Since it is Matty selling these, I will pick up another when they do the inevitable half price gift set on Mattycollector just so I can go nuts and slap on metallic and glow in the dark paint. BTW, CDX is the only review site where I've seen an honest opinion on the Voltron lions, so thanks and keep up the good work!

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Posted by GetterVolt on 17 May, 2012 - 08:39
It's the figures that disappointed me most

It is an improvement over the red lion over all but my biggist problem is with the figure... i mean there's no way in hell that the Hunk is worth $15. Look at Star Wars or G.I. Joe figures, if you compair them the new Voltron figures look like Knock off's... Also Matty charges $22 for the He-Man Classic's figures That's $7... SEVEN dollers more than the Voltron and their like twice the size...I feel ripped off. I wont be subbing next year. I had high hopes for this but alas Matty you disappointed me.

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Posted by geadun7 on 17 May, 2012 - 11:12
If I think to myself "Hey,

If I think to myself "Hey, this is a gigantic Voltron!" I am happy.

If I think to myself what this cost, how sloppy the build is, the lack of details, quality control issues etc... I am not so happy. I get it, it's a toy. But it is marketed to us older folks who grew up with this robot. It's priced as such, but I get disgusted when I handle mine. Unless I handle it like a TOY. Then I'm ok but at the end of the day, it cost me $70. The figures plain suck as Atom stated. The legs bend forward more than normal articulation for the If mine had two thighs, I would have made a video of me burning it in hot fire.

I tend to dislike this even more because as an absolutely huge fan of Lion Voltron, I was expecting Mattel to just get it right... it's not hard. There are already lots of Voltrons out there they could have picked up inspiration from but they chose the shittiest out of ALL of them...the Panosh Place to base it on... As a kid I didn't even want it thats how bad it is. And I was even crazier about Voltron then.

It seems the people behind this had a passing interest in Voltron that watched a couple of episodes and thought it was cool. If I was behind the design, I sure as hell would have done things much different. The whole button feature just... I dont even have words. I know they were on a budget, but the budget they had went to the wrong places. Removing the mechanisms would have allowed more poseability, negated the need to have key holes and stupid buttons and perhaps allowed better paint apps.

The figures? How about small boxes?! They put them in a huge-for-the-figure box which I guess in their mind makes the $15 more justifiable. I would have liked a small box with the figure in the baggy. The money save could have gone to improving the figures.

I'm thinking once I have the set, I will combine it and leave it alone. I will probably stare at it with squinted eyes and imagine what could have been. It's because of them other companies that can do it right (coughBANDAIcough), wont be able to unless they end their licensing which from what I understand, has been extended...Yeah nerd rage in effect.

Anyways Adam, great honest review once again, having a shitty day and this review let me vent.

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Posted by chachipower on 17 May, 2012 - 11:34
Other companies

I feel your pain man! When I think of what Bandai could do with the big guy as an SoC I get sad and stare out of a window for a long time. It burns even more seeing the Vehicle Voltron/Dairugger that Most Wanted did and because of WEP and Mattel's deal it's that much harder to get. From reading comments on CDX I know I am in the minority when I say I have very little love for Vehicle Voltron, but that Most Wanted piece is hot diecast goodness and I was planning on buying one. I wonder, given the general letdown amongst Voltron fans at this website, if Mattel Voltron might end up being the most expensive bowling pin ever when ya'll do your summit!

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Posted by GetterVolt on 17 May, 2012 - 14:00
What angers me about Mattel

What angers me about Mattel is how they basically hold all me favorite properties hostage. You know those retro "Kenner" packaged star wars figs Hasbro's been doing? I think Ackbar's been reviewed on here.

Now imagine Has having the DC comics license and doing Super Powers just like those. Come on! I'd be on that like a hobo on a ham sandwich! But instead I get Matty's lazy headswaps on bodies made of candlewax for like 16 bucks. I know they're bigger figures than SW but I'd rather have a better figure than a bigger figure.

Picture Hasbro with the Ghostbusters license. Again,they could do retro carded figs that collectors would EAT UP. I'd have an opened and unopened copy of each Buster. Back in real life,I am a huge GB fan who has NONE of Matty's weird-"soft"-puffy faced GB figures. How cheap is it to give Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray the SAME BODY?!?! And I know we've had multiple toy pricing discussions on here and I don't want to get into it again but the GB figures are THIRTY DOLLARS including shipping. If they were 10 bucks at a tru I would honestly still be on the fence,thirty,forget it. That's a pretty nice sized Transformer.

And speaking of TFs,and back on topic,what could Hasbro do with these Voltron lions? You know they'd be awesome. Even the movie (or lack-of-movie lol) Joes blow Hunk here out of the water,and Hunk plus the lion would cost what,30 bucks?
Hell,even the Bandai Power Ranger mechs that are infamously low quality really aren't any worse than this,and again,Bandai's toys are KID'S-QUALITY PLAYTHINGS PRICED ACCORDINGLY!
I've got no problem with a high price for high quality,but this is not it.

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Posted by kidnicky on 27 May, 2012 - 11:46
RE: Power Rangers mechs

That's kind of what I thought way back when these Lion Voltron toys were announced. The price said "expensive Transformer" but the quality and features said "cheap toy". As you point out, it's not like there aren't equivalent toys out there--but they don't cost so damn much.

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Posted by RobotBastard on 27 May, 2012 - 13:56
Well yeah,it's not like

Well yeah,it's not like gattai mecha toys haven't been available for THIRTY YEARS. A couple years ago the walMart shelves were filthy with TF combiner sets. Granted,they're usually smaller than this,but I feel like I'd rather have a smaller decent vehicle than a giant low quality one.

All this money and headache for a junky toy,and eBay has the Matchbox Voltron for 400 bucks BIN. I've never bothered looking,but I bet a decent loose one could be yours for like 250.

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Posted by kidnicky on 28 May, 2012 - 09:44