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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
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Review by starro

So, of COURSE we have a new DC Direct statue that goes along with this iconic new look for one of DC's greatest heroes! 

Here we have one of the cover images from Wonder Woman following the re-introduction of her costume and new storyline/continuity to give you an idea of what the comic book "look" is like...

The statue itself comes in this 4-color (no window) cardboard box

and arrives well-packaged in a styrofoam blister in one-piece. No assembly, no accessories. Base and statue are one piece...

Here is the statue free of the packing..  the front.  With AA battery for scale. As a statue there is no posability

Dimensions on the box read 9.75 inches tall, 4.75 inches wide and 3.75 inches deep. 

Sculpt seems to be in the eyes. One view she looks deadly and head on-but others are less intense. Overall the paint on the statue looks impeccable! 

Many nice texture details to her top and the jacket.

Here's a top-down view showing her hair and some other details not obvious from other angles..

Lower front.. Many fine details adorn her belt and lasso...But an overall clean look!  I liked it!

Side left. LOVE the shoulder pads!  Yeah, a jacket and shoulder pads is VERY 90s..but it does look GREAT on her...

Side right

The Lasso is basically an inflexible wire but it looks GREAT! 

More side right views...

Details on her bracelets ....

and the Rear

With more close ups.. y'know, I've always wondered how it is, she's wearing full pants here, but this is so MUCH more provacative than the star-spangled hot pants her original costume used to have...

The details on her jacket are great!

Articulation of the feet to the base and details on the base...

If you look closely, her pants have texturing and seams on them...Plus on her boots...spurs!

The base is quite hefty and weighs down the rest of the statue so that it has good balance. There are pads on the underside to keep the statue stable on top of that.

OVERVIEW. The new WW costume got a lot of scrutiny when it first hit the blogosphere-but I think, ultimately its a great look for Wonder Woman (but I am a fan of the 90s jacket version). And I think that look and the presence of the uniform is conveyed effectively by the statue. The color scheme works and the action pose with the lasso contributes to the overall presentation. WW looks great on my shelf alongside others.  From a technical standpoint-the colors are in good shape and the overall sculpt/pose is sexy but dignified and very much the essence of Wonder Woman. 

I'm looking forward to the new modified Justice League DC Direct action figures and the next statue from Jack Mathews and DC Direct...

Posted 17 March, 2011 - 12:43 by starro