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Transistor Robots Tri-Fly


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If you flip over the

If you flip over the dragonfly, you get the plane in "attack" formation!

SpaceRunaway's picture
Posted by SpaceRunaway on 6 August, 2011 - 16:12
Man, that "plane" mode looks

Man, that "plane" mode looks like a guitar! This thing is all around awesome. I wish they still made junk like this. I look to the dollar stores, but it seems like you guys always find the best stuff and I can't seem to find squat; just the usual dollar store stuff. Where's all th wacky stuff for me?

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Posted by Alexx on 6 August, 2011 - 17:45

Do you have the Four Star four-changer which turns into a spider, a helicopter and... I think another spider?

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Posted by atom smasher on 6 August, 2011 - 19:37
CRAZY, this stuff makes me

CRAZY, this stuff makes me wanna pull my hair out if I had any. Are you sure these things existed or are you using black magic to create these things? Thanks for reviewing such crazy stuff

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Posted by chachipower on 6 August, 2011 - 20:00
They took G1 Soundwave's

They took G1 Soundwave's recognizable missile and made a sword out of it.

I love this......thing.

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Posted by VZMK2 on 7 August, 2011 - 13:19
LOL! What a neat triple

LOL! What a neat triple changer! :P

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Posted by Dre2Dee2 on 7 August, 2011 - 22:23
I check this site every day,

I check this site every day, hoping to see things like this. MIND BLOWN.

I want this so, so bad.

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Posted by jacksauce on 8 August, 2011 - 18:12
for you

I do it for you, Jacksauce, and the rest of you who share a similarly obtuse sensibility.

Atom Smasher, you refer to Tri-Fly's mutant brother, Spy-Fly. He transforms from helicopter to spider to robot. Though I still covet him, he is the weaker sibling.

Alexx, it's less about random luck at a dollar store and more about research and patience and opportunity. It took maybe five years of vigilance (and more scratch than you'd think) to finally procure such a ridiculous thing. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Posted by The Enthusiast on 8 August, 2011 - 19:48

Thank you for your vigilance, because this guy's face has made my day. RIDICULOUS! This one has got a lot of funksoul to it!

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Posted by The Big R on 8 August, 2011 - 23:11