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Tifa Lockhart (Ver.2)

Tifa Lockhart (Ver.2)
Tifa Lockhart (Ver.2)
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Review by starro

Tifa Lockhart, vers. 2 is the lead character from the popular video game “Final Fantasy VII” originally created/designed by Tetsuya Nomura. There are a few versions of Tifa, but this is arguably the most iconic and most well-known.

Here we have the 2002 1/8 scale coldcast model series No. 7 (stands about 8 inches tall) released and distributed by the Kotobukiya co. produced by ArtFX.

Comes in a solid cardboard box with styrofoam packaging.

The statue is a great likeness of Tifa and she’s set up in a great pose that accentuates her curves.

The sculpt is very minimalist (as opposed to the more detail-oriented likenesses) but captures a lot of detail, especially on the boots and the elbow pads.


You’ve even got a great under skirt detail.


There’s a lot of sex appeal on this version of Tifa, and you get some nice rounded curves on the butt and the breasts.


Paint job is nice. You get a lot of fine detail on places like the shoes and the straps on the shoulders and abdomen. Very clean.

One minor warning about the finer hair pieces, which can be very fragile.

Probably one of the best qualities on the statue is the legs. They’re long and seem to go on forever.


The feet are held in the base very solidly with metal pegs.

Posted 17 March, 2002 - 08:53 by starro