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TIE Pilot


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Regards the weapon...

...its not actually unusual for armoured vehicle crews to be issued with a weapon thats basically a cut-down assault rifle - they used to be called "carbines" (the exact definition is a bit hazy, rather like the naval term "destroyer", but essentially a cut-down rifle, sometimes firing a smaller calibre round) or what are sometimes now referred to as a "Personal Defence Weapons", which may be a carbine-like modification of an existing weapon or a specially created gun.

IIRC, the Stormtrooper "blaster rifle" prop was based on a Sterling submachine gun, which were often used for self-defence purposes, so its not entirely an unsuitable accessory!

I don't know what modern aircrews are issued beyond a sidearm these days, though I've read of helicopter crews carrying assault rifles in case they get shot down; Russian cosmonauts are also issued with a special gun as their space capsules come down over remote regions of land and they need one for protection from wildlife whilst awaiting pickup.

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Posted by F-ZeroOne on 12 July, 2015 - 11:48
I think for me, it's just

I think for me, it's just weird for TIE pilots in particular. For a Y-WIng or X-Wing or something with shields, you have the expectation to survive if shot down but a TIE Fighter is just a ball with two wings that's essentially disposable.

I never knew that that cosmonauts carried guns, but looking it up, it seems pretty awesome. The machete stock is insane.

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Posted by siningy on 12 July, 2015 - 15:05
Blasters and Numbers

Well, according to "official" Star Wars canon (or at least it used to be canon), the TIE Pilots uniform is actually a self-contained suit. The TIE fighter doesn't have any life support systems, but it does have an ejection seat. So in theory the pilot could eject from a damaged fighter and would have a sidearm to defend himself while awaiting rescue. You're right, I don't think TIE Pilots are ever shown with blaster holsters on their uniforms the few full body shots that are shown, but I do think they were shown with blasters/holsters in some of the promotional costume shots.

Regarding the #05, It is the 5th figure in the "Blue" series. For the first figures, they call came in packages with orange stripes and lettering, this is the "Orange" series; #1 X-Wing Luke, #2 Darth Maul, #3 orange pauldron Sandtrooper, #4 R2-D2, #5 Slave Leia, #6 Boba Fett, #7 Greedo, #8 Han Solo, #9 Stormtrooper, #10 ROTS Obi Wan, #11 Bespin Luke, #12 ROTS Anakin, and #14 ATOC Clone Trooper. (#13 Chewbacca was moved to be the Blue series.) For the blue series it's; #1 black pauldron Sandtrooper, #2 Darth Vader, #3 Jedi Luke, #4 Chewbacca, and #5 TIE Pilot. I think the difference between the series is just they year of release, Orange series is 2014, Blue series is 2015. There is also a "Red" series coming out this year, but these all look to be Expanded Universe or Force Awakens characters.

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Posted by Heavyarms on 16 July, 2015 - 13:21
Thanks for the numbering

Thanks for the numbering clarification! I wonder why they didn't just go with a normal numbering system, it feels a bit convoluted.

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Posted by siningy on 18 July, 2015 - 10:34