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Review by starro

STARFIRE! AKA Princess Koriand'r of the Princess Tamaran! Starfire was created by famed New Teen Titans team Marv Wolfman and George Perez and appeared along with the other New Teen Titans in 1980 in DC Comics Presents #26!  

Starfire was always intended as sort of a free-spirited, passionate, sexy, uninhibited but innocent alien princess girl. And of course, as a member of the Teen Titans she became a cartoon star. But over the years, the "sexy" part of Starfire has kind of gotten accentuated.  Here is a recent depiction of Starfire from the new DC reboot title "Red Hood and the Outsiders" #1. 

Yow.  Starfire has over the years has sort of gone off in different directions over the years. On one hand-she's the non-sexual star of the Teen Titans cartoon..but on the other hand, she's become a hot DC comics sex symbol.  It surprises me that she's NOT already been made into a bunch of bishoujo/girl statues. This is only the 2nd statue ever made of Starfire (the other being the DC Direct bust). 

This is the latest in what I would say is the successful Covergirls of the DC Universe line of statues as designed by famed "good girl" comic book artist Adam Hughes!

Here is the art on one side versus the 4-color box art. There is an excellent likeness.

The statue is cold-cast comes in a very firm and well-protective styrofoam blister. The statue comes in a protective plastic bag along with the usual packing stuff.

The statue itself, of course has no posability. It stands 9.25" high x 5.5"wide x 4.25" deep. Very clean presentation and excellent sculpt. 

Here's a closeup of the front. The face captures Koriand'r's likeness nicely, as well, as her uh...other assets. 

a bit more of her costume...

And more of the very eye-pleasing curves. My one complaint about the Adam Hughes statues is that the breasts tend to be the same, large round, shape. Very eye-pleasing but the more you look at the various statue characters (e.g., Power Girl, Zatanna, etc.) the more you notice how similar they are.

Side view from the left. Good paint job on Starfire. Eyes and fine details are good.

More details...

More side profile.. Breasts are nice, if similar to some of the other Hughes statues..

Right side.

Left Side

Rear. Not much of Starfire's back or ass is really clear due to the large volume of hair. 

Here's a bit more...

And here's a full pic of the hair. As you can see..there's a LOT of it.  Good details.

going down ..we see the boots. Being very old-school and consistent with the hip-high boots...

The base is solid and heavy and has her name on it.  

Feet articulate with the base using two metal prongs. The articulation was just a little off-but went in fine. 

Overview. A great character choice for the covergirls line. Adam Hughes designed an awesome sketch that translated well into cold-cast. The sculpt, paint job, and look worked very well together on this statue.  Simple and eye-pleasing. SRP is about 100.00 but there is some price variation. Either way-this is a great statue! One well-worth whatever expense you put down for it. 

Posted 16 March, 2012 - 15:04 by starro