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Man that sucks.

It seems no one can get Skullcruncher right. Shame, I have a soft spot for transfomers that turn into monsters / animals.

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Posted by Ender10000 on 8 July, 2016 - 06:08
Function X Functional

Fansproject's Function X is pretty good, but I wasn't too thrilled with its design being focused on the follow up Positum.

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Posted by Rob on 8 July, 2016 - 11:10
I wonder if Takara's version

I wonder if Takara's version will end up fixing all the joint tolerances on theirs.

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Posted by Ohmygodiamonfire on 8 July, 2016 - 09:44
My Takara version just came

My Takara version just came in the mail the other day, but I don't have the Hasbro to compare directly, but here are my impressions:

The hips do feel looser than other transformers I've got, though they're far from "floppy" and do hold poses decently enough, though bumping them against something (like another Decepticon in my crowded shelf) tends to move it.

The cockpit is still rubbery, but is partly translucent (though not see-through due to the nature of the material), but does a very good job at locking in its closed position, I've never had it flop open or anything of the such.

Still, the robot mode is a bit lacking as he has no inner heel, so it's hard to pose him super robot style.

Crocodile mode on the other hand is phenomenal!

It has pretty decent articulation on the limbs and the head is awesome, also helped by the front limbs which sit at an angle and really help selling the crocodilian profile.

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Posted by GreatMazinKaiserZ on 31 August, 2016 - 11:16