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Nice review, and very cool figure! His alt mode and thickness remind me of the G2 Autoroller, Roadblock. It'll be interesting to see how the whole group measures up against Hercules and Green Giant, as well as ToyWorld's offering.

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Posted by Optimal III on 15 November, 2015 - 17:32
I just took the plunge after

I just took the plunge after wasting $600+ on Hercules which was a disappointment in the end and a waste of money in my opinion. I did like it at the time but I cant even sell it for half the price. Now this comes along and I ignore it until I get to handle it at an event and immediately bought one. It's way above Herc so far and a little bit cheaper. Cant wait to see the rest. Thanks for the cool review.

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Posted by chachipower on 16 November, 2015 - 18:46